View turns grey transparent

Hello, suddenly everything on my project turns to grey transparent...
the rest of hype is normal 100%...but the items on my project are 50%...

I've tried different things..skip to other programs and back...didn't work...
only thing that close the app and open it again..

I have a mp4 in the project, some text and some png's..
anyone familiar with this?


Happens to me all the time. The web view selects items and marks them as selected. Not sure why it happens.

If you see it, can you send:

  • A screenshot
  • What version of macOS you are using
  • a zip of your .hype document?

There are cases where text can appear in a disabled selected state, but it sounds like you might be hitting a different issue where a lot more can blank out. I think there were improvements to this based on some of our changes and macOS changes, so if there are cases not handled I'd like to be able to see it and try to repro. Thanks!

strange since my error more :wink:

but when I get them I send them
althrough mp4 import loses his preview when working in the timeline...but a preview shows everything

Are you referring to the thumbnail for the scene, or the timeline view?

Would it be possible to send a zip of your .hype document to along with maybe more elaboration/steps on "working in the timeline" that you might be doing? Thanks!

I'm importing the mp4, and when I'm working on that doc with mp4 in the timeline..after a while the preview in the work scene disappear...

I can see the mp4 in timeline, under the work scene..

( I'm from holland and my work is not at home..I can send you tomorrow the document..but I thought maybe its normal while the mp4 is heavier than the rest of document.. something like 10-20mb ( maybe that's why hype loses the preview in the work scene....when I preview it in the browser its okay

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Okay, thanks!