Videos playing at the same time

Hello Everybody

I would like to play 3 or more videos at the same time commanded by one play button and one stop button, and each video able to to muted

For instance

First video is the drummer

Second video is the bassist

Third video is the guitarist

So if I click on the play button the three videos start at the same time

but if the guitarist click the mute button he’s able to play and rehearse with the 2 others videos still playing

Each musicians could experiment that for his own part of course

I haven’t got the clue to do this

Could you help me please

Thanks a lot (1.9 MB)

i did this once just for audio, but somehow the same approach. it may help …

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Hello Hans-Gerd
Thank’s a lot for your quick answer
I’ve already done a two sided music player
On one side you can hear the instrument of your choice
And on the other side you can mute the track you want
I’m really pleased about your answer anyway !!!

Now my main issue is with the video

Thanks again

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