Video play issue on iPad mode

There are eight videos on one project, and these videos work on both PC and mobile mode, but not work on iPad mode,

and here is what I used in Hype document:

<video id="monitor" preload="none" loop="" muted="" webkit-playsinline="" autoplay="" controls="" style="width: 100%; height: 100%; position:left">
<source src="">
Your browser does not support the video tag.

and here is the live page at

Would you please let me know what I missed please?

Thanks in advance.

Did you resolve the issue? It seems to work for me using the responsive mode setup like you have.

The console logs (which I do not see) indicate a 403 error - which is that there is a permissions error with the files; you will likely just need to change permissions on the web server.

Hi @jonathan,

Thanks for reply.

I changed videos from cloud server to Local server, but there are some error at console:

[Error] Button failed to load, iconName = airplay-placard, layoutTraits = 1, src = data:image/png;base64,
	handleEvent (Anonymous Script 6 (line 1827))
[Error] Button failed to load, iconName = pip-placard, layoutTraits = 1, src = data:image/png;base64,
	handleEvent (Anonymous Script 4 (line 1827))


or you might like to check the live site page

It would be great if you could let me know what does those errors mean.


The error is about a video element is having difficulty drawing the little control icons for airplay and picture-in-picture. Technically Safari implements video controls as HTML itself, which is why errors like these show up in the console.

I don't see them myself when testing your site in responsive mode. It probably isn't your error, but just something config-based Safari is choking on.