Video play is cut after 45 sec

Just building a multimedia presentation with many videos. I inserted the first one (2min32sec length) on a scene. When I test the scene the playback stop at about 45 sec. Couldn’t make it play all the movie.
Any ideas ? I’m in a hurry…
Thank you all


Hi @manuel

To speed up the process could you share a link. So we can see the project in action. I would say a document is best but I appreciate that you have many videos and that it would be a large one. If you could maybe replicate using just the 1 problem video to make a smaller document.

Thank you !
You can download a shrinked version of the document at :slight_smile:

Thanks again


The main timeline on the Tine scene has a timeline action at 49 seconds that jumps to the Ecran Accueil scene. I suspect this is the problem! You can switch to the main timeline with the popup above the elements/timeline actions label.

Thank you @jonathan but I don’t see the timeline action at 49 seconds… Is it possible for you to post a screen capture ? I’ve deleted all the timeline actions and the video still stops.

Thanks again

Note that you need to switch timelines to see it:

Mmmh… There’s a sort of bug in my system, I didn’t see any Timeline action, really.
Anyway, I started a fresh new Project and - for the moment - all is ok.
Thanks again Jonathan.