Video in Symbol Continue playing on every scene?

I have a Video in a Symbol as a background. I have set this to persistent symbol, but when I go to next scene the Video Freezes? I have set the video to auto play and to loop. Any suggestions?

PS I am checking older threads so I apologize for the the constant Posts :frowning:

Ok, after some more research I have found something strange!

The Video is 5 seconds long. It loops forever on the first scene, when on the next scene it freezes for 5 seconds and then continues playing :O?


Providing a Hype project file is valuable to finding solutions in an accurate timely manner. A description by itself, such as “the video does this” - “the video does that”, is not nearly as illuminating as (also) being able to examine the Hype project itself.

The following is an example of one possibility of a flowing cross-scene presentation - your set-up might entail a different approach…

The video is placed in a persistant symbol spanning (2) scenes. The halfway (timeline) point is shown by the animated descending text block on the left hand side that switches from indicating “Scene 1” to “Scene 2” at the transition point. The video continues to run in a seamless manner during the Scene transition.

Persistant Symbol across (2.6 MB)

What actuates this particular solution is the “Continue Timeline” timeline action at the start of the Persistent Symbol’s timeline in Scene 2 (“Properties” > “Symbol Actions”)…

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Sorry, I keep forgetting how easy it is to send over Hype Files. I am so used to Huge AE Files.

That was the EXACT fix you big brain you! I really need to take a step back and go through every single section, I believe I am just missing certain areas. However I feel like I am learning fast.

The properties section is very well done, I like how you easily add more properties I forget it is there.

Thanks again :slight_smile: