V4 Release date

I’v watched hype v4 features presentation on youtube. I want to ask when it will be released?

2018 :smiling_imp:

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Aiming for the first quarter.


is there any release date?

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Nothing more specific to say at this time!

Q1 was the original target for 4.0, we’re now about to finish up with Q2 - any info yet? I’ve got some spare cash to part with and I can only hold onto it for so long :grin:

At this point, I think Tumult should just wait for the launch of macOS 10.14. That’s when a lot of people will be going to the Mac App Store to download the upgrade. That’s a good time to get featured with a major app upgrade. Heh, the trick would be getting featured.


I don’t mind waiting if we can establish that the beta is solid enough at this point to use in production. I know that’s typically frowned upon because it’s risky, but I would think that after this many months, the beta is stable enough to be used in production while just being sure to be aware of known issues. Anyone think differently about this?

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I like the idea of the Chef deciding when the cake is done :birthday: when ever that is.


I agree on this point.
making works with the beta is not recommended but you can use it in any case.
This is also a good chance to helps the tumult team to develop the final version in less time.

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Yes, its only in the last couple of weeks that I consider OSX 10.13whatever to be stable.

Well, if I don’t use it in production, how am I supposed to properly test it? :laughing:

Circles with Grandma and Cabling were both built with Hype 4.

Yes, but this is different. There are magnitudes of difference between the complexity of MacOS and Hype. And I assume that most of the core features that have been around for years haven’t been messed with. So the issues would be around vectors and some of the new features.

As well as some new changes to security which I would assume would need to be intergrated into Hype Like:

(I wonder if Hype would include fetching the cryptographic hash for files and add the key for it’s and your files on export.)

and other things othat may affect Hype builds


So I have no problem waiting…

After watching the 4.0 update I actually can’t wait… I am pretty sure I will be able to completely drop Animate CC and GWD once it comes out !


Patience is a virtue :slight_smile: I love that Hype 4 is still a beta, the fact that they’re crunching more betas per month than ever before means were getting closer and closer to the final release. Id say a month or two after Mojave is released.

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give me nowwww lol

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