Use JavaScript on one Scene to open HTML widget on another Scene

New to Hype and relatively novice with JavaScript. I have looked through forums and have picked certain scripts that I thought may help but of course not knowing syntax and such I have not gotten my scenario to work.
I have one scene with links to multiple surveys [SurveyLinks]. As it stands right now, my solution is to create a unique scene that will capture the link. Press link, and have action open new scene and configure widget with the specific survey. This is more for internal work purposes so this literally would be done quickly but I would’t mind trying to learn from this and thought that there is a better way…

What I am looking for is having the SurveyLinks scene list all the different survey with two actions on each link. First to go to one scene that has the HTML widget, second to run a script that will pass the specific link to the widget on new scene.

In the end instead of having a scene for each link I just have one that loads the specific page needed.

Any suggestions?

this example populates a regular hyperectangle with an iFrame to specific url.
take the contents of function loadFrame … to manage it on your project (1.8 MB)

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Thank you Hans, hopefully I get some time today to implement this and see how far I get.