Use Hype on!

Hype is great software, but the world doesn’t know of its awesomeness. Lack of awareness is probably Hype’s biggest problem. Getting the word out can be tough. But once people do discover the Tumult website, shouldn’t they be impressed by the software?

I think one of the biggest missed opportunities of Hype is that the Tumult homepage doesn’t use Hype. It should be trivial to replace the picture of the Hype logo with the new line-drawn Hype 4 logo… no?


I second that. Every time I come to the page it looks like a journey back in time (around 10 years) with emphasis on skeuomorphic design and rounded corners that where made with images rather then border corners. I am not saying that tumult is still using these technics, rather I am describing the feeling I get. A modern design with little animations that trigger when scrolled into view and some more space and bigger fonts would make it look so much more modern and current.

I know that design can feel like fashion and that old pair of jeans one loves might be hard to part with, but then one has to live with the consequences, to be considered an old schooler.
Not always a bad thing and HTML 5 was the newest and coolest around 2008 … so that seams about right. Nowadays the kids are flocking to reactive libraries.

But they are very developer focused and leave the gap for immediate creativity and a quick turn around and playfulness.

This pretty much dual scale, webpages and apps are positioned on. They must satisfy many technical demands as responsiveness, reactiveness and must handle data flows. Many of the mentioned libraries are well equipped for that but demand much prior knowledge. Also the possibility to use a vast repository of libraries leads to a compile process fetching many dependencies. Not fun at all but it serves apps that are mainly utilities.

Long speech short conclusions: a modern design with an emphasis on instant creativity might really help.

“Eating your own dog food” might also be just the thing and having Hype stuff on the page (at least as widgets) would convince just by mer observation of the fact.

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Speaking of design for a well-known company is very delicate and I understand why the current design is still used. In any case it would be fantastic; a brand new site, where the animated icon is only a small part but we can also do without it. I have some ideas :slight_smile:



The site is definitely due for an overhaul :).

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