Urgent help with a development

Hello everyone, I'm new to using javascript with Tumult Hype and I urgently need help with a kind of counter that, depending on the number that each variable hosts, jumps to a certain scene. I am attaching the example I am trying to do.

There are 4 independent sliders that if they are dragged to the right they add 2 and if they are dragged to the left they add 1 and depending on the total sum of all of them, it should jump to the scene that I decide.
I hope I was clear.

Drag.zip (44.4 KB)


the logic for setting the value of a slider should work like you did it. you just need a separate variable for each slider. the resultbutton could count them up :slight_smile:

and so on ...

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Thank you for response, I'll try it as you said.