Upgrade App Store version to Pro with Education Store

Hi – I have the Standard version purchased through the App Store. Now I’d like to upgrade it to Pro via the Education Store (as I’m at a 2-year community college), but there doesn’t seem to be a way to not have to pay the full $49.99 Pro upgrade price versus the discounted $29.99 price?

When I go to Hype > Upgrade to Hype Professional… and click the Purchase Upgrade, I get an Apple ID prompt. I’m worried that if I continue, I’ll be automatically charged the regular $49.99 In-App Purchase price rather than the $29.99 education price. Or am I bailing on the process too soon, and I’ll get that option if I click on Purchase Upgrade and keep going?



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Educational discounts are only available via direct purchase from the Tumult Store version. If you contact support@tumult.com with a copy of your email receipt or screenshot of Hype in the App Store purchased tab, I’d be happy to convert your license so you can get it at the discount.

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Great! I’ll do that. Thanks!

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