Updating images:

(Manolo) #1

Hi, I am trying to update an image (sun.png), but still get the old image (sun.png) when I preview in the Browser.The image has the same name.
I already tried:
1- delete the image from the resource using the button “-”.
2- delete using delete key in the mac.
3- add using + button.
4- add drag-and-drop
5- when selecting the image and quick look the new image shows.
6- Tried already replace button to update the image.

The old image still showing up. Is that a bug or I am doing something wrong?


When previewing in Hype or when loading a URL? The URL of the image might be cached in your browser.

Can you share your Hype document and the image you’re trying to replace?

(Manolo) #3

when preview in Hype show the updated image, when preview in the browser shows the old image.