Unlimited background, max size content, single page design

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I wanted to find out if it is possible to replicate a certain site’s feel and somewhat functionality. I would like if someone could point me to the documentation where I could find the below;

Create a responsive website which will produce an unlimited background, but set a maximum variable on content while having a static menu glued to the top. The result will be as such where on the desktop the content will be limited to let say 1100px while certain elements such as the top bar and a static menu bar will seem as if it was endless. Can this also all be done on a single page design? I am unsure if it’s appropriate to post urls, but I’m looking to replicate www roadragestudios com website and add future Hype style functionality at a later time.

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Hype doesn’t have any built-in support for fixed content, though this could be done with some HTML/CSS. It’d probably be easier to make the top bar outside of Hype, and then use Hype for your inner/dynamic content.

Fixed topbars is a pretty commonly requested feature, so we count this as a +1!

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I have been working on a new one page website with a fixed header and as Jonathan has mentioned you will need to create a CSS. My work is in progress and will change from time to time, but I do not mind sharing what I have at the moment. The site is here http://www.williamsartandphotography.com/TRIAL2/index.html


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you may also create sthg. simular using a complete responsive hypepage that makes use of a timeline to imitate scrolling
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Just a idea, so :slight_smile:

Link is dead… :slight_smile:

yeah … can’t edit to delete it … @helphype :slight_smile: