Undo while within a group

When undoing an action or change that is made (CMD+Z) while in a group, the position of the elements within a group gets screwy. You must ungroup the elements or pull the elements out of the group to undo your previous actions.

Does this happen all the time or only with some actions? It would be helpful to have detailed steps that show the problem or possible a screen recording (Quicktime->New Screen Recording…).

Thanks for reporting this!

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Hi Stephen. Im sorry I haven’t looked at these forums in a bit. I just tried to recreate the problem and I haven’t been able to. It seems to be working fine at the moment. Probably user error. If I see it happen again, I will post a screen capture.

Hi, I think I found the same bug, you can reproduce it in this way:

  • create an Element (circle, rectangle, text…)
  • group it
  • resize the Group left or top side (right or bottom are not affected because of CSS top-left absolute positioning)
  • undo the action
  • the inside Element position is shifted!

Yup, I can reproduce this in El-Cap, Safari 9, with Hype Pro 3

Same here! I have the same bug on 3.5.3 with macOS Sierra.
Like @Cescomare says, the trick is to downscale it grabbing the top handles
Seems it’s been more than a year since it was first reported - Is it something that affects only a few, or is it that users don’t often need to resize Groups?


PS. @stephen I’ve included a document and a video-capture in my report through the software’s report an issue… menu

This is going to be fixed in the next release! :wink: (shhh…I didn’t say anything :stuck_out_tongue: )


:sweat: Every once in a while there’s a bug that is pretty embarrassing but ends up persisting for a long time, this was one of them; like @Cescomare says it is fixed in the next release.

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Thank you @jonathan (and @Cescomare) - there is no shame in bugs! Only satisfaction when a persistent one gets finally squashed :wink:

(footnote: I have no grudge against alive insects)