Undo while within a group

(Courtney Daniele Vigo) #1

When undoing an action or change that is made (CMD+Z) while in a group, the position of the elements within a group gets screwy. You must ungroup the elements or pull the elements out of the group to undo your previous actions.

(stephen) #2

Does this happen all the time or only with some actions? It would be helpful to have detailed steps that show the problem or possible a screen recording (Quicktime->New Screen Recording…).

Thanks for reporting this!

(Courtney Daniele Vigo) #3

Hi Stephen. Im sorry I haven’t looked at these forums in a bit. I just tried to recreate the problem and I haven’t been able to. It seems to be working fine at the moment. Probably user error. If I see it happen again, I will post a screen capture.

(www.360FUN.net) #4

Hi, I think I found the same bug, you can reproduce it in this way:

  • create an Element (circle, rectangle, text…)
  • group it
  • resize the Group left or top side (right or bottom are not affected because of CSS top-left absolute positioning)
  • undo the action
  • the inside Element position is shifted!

(Greg) #5

Yup, I can reproduce this in El-Cap, Safari 9, with Hype Pro 3

(Fotis Kalafatis) #6

Same here! I have the same bug on 3.5.3 with macOS Sierra.
Like @Cescomare says, the trick is to downscale it grabbing the top handles
Seems it’s been more than a year since it was first reported - Is it something that affects only a few, or is it that users don’t often need to resize Groups?


PS. @stephen I’ve included a document and a video-capture in my report through the software’s report an issue… menu

(www.360FUN.net) #7

This is going to be fixed in the next release! :wink: (shhh…I didn’t say anything :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Jonathan Deutsch) #8

:sweat: Every once in a while there’s a bug that is pretty embarrassing but ends up persisting for a long time, this was one of them; like @Cescomare says it is fixed in the next release.

(Fotis Kalafatis) #9

Thank you @jonathan (and @Cescomare) - there is no shame in bugs! Only satisfaction when a persistent one gets finally squashed :wink:

(footnote: I have no grudge against alive insects)