Unable to link to Swift Playground Page

I’m currently trying to link over to a Swift Playground page using Hype and I set my URL to:


and this SHOULD have everything setup and working appropriately but I’m getting a “cannot navigate to page with identifier” error so any insight into this somebody can provide would be awesome.

Last I tried, it was just @next you’d want in the URL field (and make sure it is not set up to open in a new window).

I tried that but it’s not working…could you give an example of a full URL you’d use in Hype to link it, and anything in particular you’d put inside of the playground book package to make it work? I’m really struggling right now.

I’m not sure what you mean by a “full URL;” as far as I see in Apple’s latest versions they are just using @next in the URL field. It probably won’t work with any other syntax.

Is this how you have it set up?

wait, it’s literally supposed to be just “@next”? with nothing else? I thought you were supposed to specify the entire path to the next slide…guess not. I tried it and it works!! thank you so much, I was overthinking it way too much.

Glad that did it! I haven’t seen this documented anywhere, so the only thing to go on is what is in their exported documents. They only use the solo @next; there might be other syntax that could be used, but I would personally doubt it.