Two identical situations, two different results

my hype animation (text-transition) is visible on this page ( > under construction), but on this page ( > also under construction) another hype animation (also a text-transition) is not visible. it should be visible to the right of the text under the logo.
in both cases the .oam file was exported identically and placed identically. also both pages are up to date (wordpress, divi, tumult-hype). i can’t find the error.

thanks in advance for ideas.

Without a Hype file with the components going awry it’s hard to tell what goes wrong Hype wise, but Safari trows up a big warning about your SSL, when I click on your second link. Clicking trough your site has no SSL. Maybe something that makes things not work lays there?

ok, understand. the wp-subdomain gets a ssl, when it switches to official. then the page will loose the wp.-prefix and turn to i will talk to my hoster to chek this. thanks for the quick answer.

All I can say is that inspecting the DOM and source of the second link does not yield anything when searching for “hype.” The first link will show it in both (and it is using the ‘div’ method). So it isn’t clear why, but the hype animation is definitely not being loaded into the page at all.