Turn your Hype Project into an OS X Screensaver!

I’m sure there’s less hacky ways to do this but I figured I’d share this anyway.

  1. Go here and download the code as a zip file (you really only need the “OSX” folder)

  2. Unzip and open the OSX folder - you should see “Web.saver”

  3. Right click on that mofo and select “Show Package Contents”

  4. Drill down to the “Resources folder” and you’ll see the index.html file, etc. This is what you’ll be replacing with your exported Hype project.

NOTE: the screensaver doesn’t scale your content automatically - I ended up having to resize my Hype project to full-screen size on my laptop (1680x1050).

  1. Export your Hype project with the “Organized Assets” export script

  2. Rename your exported HTML file to “index.html”


  1. Delete the original files from the Screensaver’s Resources folder and replace with your Hype project files.

  2. Place the modified Web.saver package in the “Screen Savers” folder in your user library. You show now see it listed in the available screensavers in System Preferences.

I’m also attaching my Painted Clock in a screensaver format so you can see how it’s set up.
PaintedClock.saver.zip (969.1 KB)

There’s probably LOTS more you can do with this but this should be enough to get you started!


One other thing to note is the screensaver doesn’t appear to exit on mouse move and I’m not sure how to make that happen. For now, pressing ‘esc’ will exit the screensaver.

Cool idea - and this could probably be turned into an export script!

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@jonathan are you suggesting I brew 12 pots of coffee, pop and Adderall, learn Python, and make one?

Because I will. It won’t be pretty, code comments will be chock-full of profanity, but dammit I’ll make it happen.

Updated Screensaver file attached. I didn’t change any of the functionality, I just realized that I’m a complete moron and didn’t notice my day of the week spritesheet starts on Monday, while the JavaScript date object (and the rest of humanity) all know the week begins on Sunday.

My shame is great - please let me wallow in self-pity and atone for my terrible sin.

PaintedClock.saver.zip (1.1 MB)

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The week begins on Sunday?

@MaxZieb apparently so - Sunday is 0, Monday is 1, and so on.

Export Scripts might not be as bad as that, provided you start with the sample ones. I think you could get away with only 6 pots of coffee and cocaine.

@jonathan god bless you, you gorgeous man :rofl: