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I’ve recently played with Learning Management Systems, and I’ve been considering the possibility of creating an online course for Hype 4. Basically, in the pursuit of option #2https://photics.com/a-new-plan-brainstorming/

Many of these systems have the option to track progress – even to an auto generated certificate at the end. That seems kinda cool. Are you interested in that?

I think there’s something like this already, but I’m not sure if it’s available in English. The certificate wouldn’t be accredited, at least not at first, but it probably wouldn’t cost that much either. :laughing:

The reasons for it…

  • This increases the perception of Tumult Hype as professional software
  • This helps people learn how to use Hype
  • It would be a great way to organize the different content files… video, templates, code, images, text

What do you think? :thinking:

Bradley Metrock, who ran the Hype Conference, at one point wanted to do this. He created an iBooks Author certification program. I think he’s moved on a bit, but may have thoughts on it.