Trigger link state of textured button

Hello guys,

Is there a way to trigger the “hover” state of a button through hovering a completely different object? Let’s say there is a rectangle in the top-right corner and if I hover it, the link state of a button in the button-left corner changes its style to “hover”.

How can this be solved?


I just noticed I also need this animation for grouped buttons. This example is probably more understandable.

Here’s one way of achieving this…

Add the following code to the “innerHTML” of a button

<div style="width:100%;height:100%;border:solid;margin:-1px -400px"></div> (12.5 KB)


If that method does not work for you, try using a mouse over and a mouse out action with javascript to assign the background colors.

//mouse over (hover)
 var x = hypeDocument.getElementById('MyButton'); = "yellow";	

//mouse out (UnHover)
var x = hypeDocument.getElementById('MyButton'); = "#F0F0F0"; (13.7 KB)