Transitions aren't the same on mobile device

Hi there,

I have created a hamburger-style mobile navigation menu for a client site i’m working on (using a persistent symbol), and when I preview on desktop (at a mobile screen resolution) all interactions work as intended (dropdown menu closes properly). However, when I pull the site up on my mobile phone browser the menu doesn’t behave the same - it stays open after a scene change.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! The website is (happy to share the working file if helpful)


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will be the best :slight_smile:

Working file available here:

Let me know if you have any issues accessing or opening the file, thank you!

I need to investigate further as it isn’t immediately clear the difference; there are two workarounds you can use:

  • Change from using On Mouse Click to On Mouse Down for the actions
  • or Uncheck Use Touch Events in the Document Inspector

Awesome! I tried both, but only had luck with the second option - Unchecking the Use Touch Events.

Thanks for your help

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@nicklenko straight thought structured document -> well done ! :slight_smile: