Transition elements in a scene

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner on Hype. I just met the software a few days ago and I’m in process of learning. I’m sorry if my enquiry is very simple. I promise to study. :wink:

I try to make a small online presentation for my school in Spain and I like a simple gallery of images based on “WooGrit Camping invitation” from the examples of the Hype website. Could anyone help me to get the introductory text scrolls and hides to the right when you click on any of the images with its explanation text?
I would like that result, but I still don’t have enough skill to get it. Attached the project.

Thanks so much in advance.

intro (2.3 MB)

In each of the relative timelines with the numbers set a keyframe at 1 second an move the text off canvas. If I understand you correct.


Thanks for your attention @MaxZieb! You help me a lot. I know what I ask is very simple, but I still find it hard to understand certain concepts of Hype.

Thanks again and all the best