Transferring an Animation & Timeline from one .hype doc to another?

Hi There,

I’ve tried a few solutions and none have worked,

I’m wondering is it possible to transfer an animation & timeline from document to another? (Preferably without exporting as HTML and reimporting in an iFrame)

Abstract: I built a very complex banner animation in one hype document that I’d like to use again (with a few tweaks so thats why it’s preferable not to have in an iFrame and have it locally in the hype document) - Basically to merge the two.

(I’m not talking about transferring the whole scene over - I’d like to use the animation in my one and only scene. )

Thank You for your help in advance.


Jack Leonard

Select all your elements you want copied, select Edit > Copy, switch to the other document, create a new timeline, and select Edit > Paste with animations.

Wow - How could I have missed this, so simple. Thank you @daniel - I must say the Tumult Hype support goes up and above the call of duty, You have built one hell of a product here!