Toggle between 2 timelines

I am trying to toggle between 2 timelines using a 3rd timeline. 1 timeline hides a box (making the height and width scale 0%) and the 2nd shows the box (making the scales 100% again).

The key is, I need 1 timeline I can fire which will toggle between hide and show.

I have put 1 and 2 in the 3rd timeline called Toggle and put Pause timeline and Continue between them (I suspect this is where I may have got it wrong).

Would appreciate any help!


Toggle between 2 (15.4 KB)

on timeline Toggle
one action to start timline hide + pause timeline toggle.
one action to start timline show + pause timeline toggle.

On the button set its action to continue timeline and can restart timeline.

Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 12.36.23

Toggle between 2 timelines.hype (14.9 KB)

There are obviously ways to do this on a single timeline..


Still didn't finish the article but this might help as well
Update: added more examples and fleshed the article out.

Using Timelines for State and Logic


Perfect! Gotta love Hype and this community.

Thank you Mark!

Also appreciate the link to the Cookbook. Looks like a lot of great stuff there Max!

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