To setup a timer to go to the main scene (at the beginning)

(Cesare Goretti) #1

Our project is divided in many scenes. I need to setup a timer in order to go back to the beginning, when the project is in stand-by.
Is it possible?


(Mark Hunte) #2

What do you class as stand by… whats not happening when in stand by…

(Cesare Goretti) #3

This is an interactive hypermedia used as informative system in a museum. So when anyone uses it the system stops on the last page visited. We need it goes authomatically back to the beginning.


(Mark Hunte) #4

Probably the simplest way is to create a Timer timeline that has a Timeline action at the time you want after lack of interaction.
When this action is reached it reloads to the first scene.

Then every button the users clicks does it’s stuff but also restarts the Timer timeline

(Cesare Goretti) #5

Ok MarkHunte, the Timer timeline perfectly works.


(Jeff) #6

Would someone be able to post a simple example of this in action? It would be super helpful. Much thanks.

(Jeff) #7

I figured it out. No worries. THANKS!