Timestamps for .png export

(Adam) #1


There is one thing that would be super cool when exporting the .png frames. Right now we can export an entire sequence of .png frames with a given fps rate. That produces quite a lot of files, and sometimes - which in my case at work is always :wink: - I need only specific frames for a pdf document for quality control and legal review.

So if there was an additional export option that would only produce the frames at the given timestamps, defined during export or by a special timeline marker, that would be great.

I guess anyone who has to generate a single BU image for DCM would also benefit from not producing a bunch of useless frames?

Besides that an option to add a suffix or a prefix to the actual filenames, not only naming the folder, would be great. That would allow for skipping another additional step outside of Hype.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Thanks for the requests!

The upcoming (v4.0.0) version of Hype has the ability to capture a poster/backup image based on the current view in the scene. The primary use case is for ads, but this shot can also be used for other purposes if need be. I’d actually love to get more feedback on the feature; if you’re interested can you sign up for the beta and message when done?

(Adam) #3

Hi Jonathan,

I am actually singned up for the Beta already, but I must have missed the feature the last time I launched it. Which was a long time ago… but I will definitely find some time to test it out this week.