Timelines Start pause and then finish

I am a newbie - Love Hype, want to learn more. I am an elementary teacher and trying to create a fractions lesson. Have a “pie” and want students to be able to click on the pie and have the whole pie fill in to represent 1 whole or 1/1. I want the fill to be clickable so that when they click the first time the shape fills, then when they click again the fill goes away?

Thank you.

Jay, here is maybe an easy way.

I made a black .PNG image outside Hype with a hole in it (pie) and placed it in Hype, put a circle shape above it that becomes the ‘clickable’ part and a colored square below it functioning as the ‘fill’ for the pie.

I then created a new timeline ‘fill01’ and increased the width of the colored square until it filled the ‘pie’. Above the point where the fill animation ends (at 02.00) I placed a new keyframe with a pause timeline action.


Next to that another keyframe now with 2 actions. The first action tells Hype to go back to time 01.27, the second tells Hype to continue this timeline but in reverse direction.


The 'clickable circle has one action assigned to it, continue timeline (instead of start timeline) with the ‘can restart timeline’ function turned on. This way the clickable circle keeps telling Hype to keep running this timeline.


fill1:1pie.hype.zip (25.1 KB)

Hope this helps a bit. :grinning:

When I re-started Hype3 some time ago (I had V2 but it didn’t make much sense to me), I decided to follow a few lessons at Lynda. That really kick started working with Hype for me and was worth every (what was it?), 27 bucks. Maybe an idea for you.

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Rick - This help was just what I needed. Thank you very much. It is not done yet but here is the web site for the students to “play” with.


Thanks again

Because some of the vector graphic have to be in "rectangle shape, clicking on some of the pieces in the wrong spot make a different area shade in.

Is there anyway to have the shape be only the exact shape of the graphic and not a box shape?

Thank you.

(it looks like you’re using the v4 beta – I’m hoping to get it so the click target can just be the vector shape for the release, but need to look into it more to make sure it is feasible)

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Thank you Jonathan. I really enjoy using Hype. I appreciate your comments here. Good to know. I hope it all works out. It would make an already great product even better. Thanks!

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Chop Chop! :smiley:

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