Timeline Properties by scene

Not sure if this is even possible, but I would be nice to be able to remove Timeline Properties from the Properties list for a scene without impacting other scenes.

In one scene I need to use Rotation Axis (Z), in another scene I need to manipulate the Blur of an object. Once added, these show up in all scenes, even though I only need them in specific scenes.

Why? In one project I had 32 different properties in the list. If I wanted to change the opacity of multiple objects at once, a lot of scrolling was needed to get past the unused properties (and hopefully not choose the wrong one).

Thanks for the request!

I do recommend using the Record workflow whenever feasible to make keyframes. Because the Properties listing by default includes the dynamic "Animated" item, it means that if you start by just recording changes made from the scene editor or inspector, those properties will automatically show up. This can be quite a bit quicker that manually adding keyframes, and only shows relevant properties for the element in any scene you are on.