Timeline problem

I am having problems with timelines that are defined as hidden all showing when viewed in the bro wser and Hype reflect. Each timeline is also showing as out of position, even though I have checked that they are all correctly position within Hype. Using Hype 4, although not the new Beta version.
I have tried Pausing the timeline at Names1 but that doesn’t solve anything.

BoB_HD.zip (1.7 MB)

Hi Ian!

You have quite a few elements & timelines on your project. But as far as I can tell You are not understanding how timelines work. I am going to focus on the (17) text elements all named “Text 12”. In any of the six timelines I am not seeing anything happening except at time “0” where some of the timelines have the same “Text 12” element with its “Display” property set to “Hidden”.

However, the “Main Timeline” has all (17) of the “Text 12” elements “Visible” at time “0” which is why You are seeing them all at once - even though some of the other timelines have various “Text 12” elements set to “Hidden”.

There was a post along these lines recently, with responses by @MarkHunte & @jonathan that might illuminate for You the way timelines work.

BTW: Would be great to see this project when You are finished - I think the “Battle of Britain” is a fascinating topic.

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Thank you Jim, I will investigate this further. The project is a monster! I will certainly share it once it is done

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