Timeline Opacity Error in Chrome

Hello! Please see the video below for the problem I am having.

I am so grateful for all of the help and support here. Thank you,

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Can you try unchecking ‘Use Webkit Graphics Acceleration’ in the Document inspector? Happy to take a look at your document too.

Hi Daniel! I realized that it’s having an interaction with audio and a javascript that when I remove, it returns to normal. Basically, I have one scene with audio and javascript to autoplay and direct which video id tag + the rectangle in the scene giving the file a video id. then, I do not have that audio ending on the scene unload, I want it to play under the following scenes. If a scene with this text + opacity fade in happens during that audio, then what happens in the video occurs. If I remove that audio or if I have it go off on the unload of the scene before the text scene, then there is no problem. So, is it possible to have that audio going and have the proper opacity transition? Does this make sense? I’m happy to send over the file in a message if that will help! thanks so much!

What might be happening in this case is that there’s a pause in trying to load the audio that is longer than the animation. So the animation essentially starts, and the next time it has a chance to animate is after the wall clock time of the animation actually being done.

The only way to know for sure is to send the document (if you don’t want to share on the forums or it is too big feel free to send the latest version to support@tumult.com) and we can take a look.