Timeline Content - Stepping on other Content - confused about the multiple timeline hierachy etc

It appears that the content on my Second Timeline is Stepping on the Timeline below it. In other words, when my Rectangle on the Mission Timeline is not even visible and Below the Main Stage - it appears not to matter. The Buttons on the Main Timeline cannot be accessed. They are there Visibly, but they do not work, Until - I Remove the Mission Timeline pieces then they work. So even though the rectangle and alike are not Visible and Physically Below the Main Timeline till called - they are Covering the Main Timeline - this is very confusing… and frustrating… Any help is greatly appreciated _ how do i add a file so you can see?


Zip your Hype project then drag it into the editor section of the “reply” pane (i.e. the area where You write your replies to someone).

Thanks @JimScott !

If your file is larger than 3MB, you’ll need to share your zip on a service like dropbox.com or wetransfer.com (or google drive).

AliReport_v1.zip (1.2 MB)

Is this closer to your intent?
AliReport_v1_JHSv1.hype.zip (1.1 MB)

Your design is engaging. But…

I’ve spent most of my time figuring out what You were requesting… while You did a good job in general of labeling your elements, some of them were generic - e.g. “Rectangle 1”; “Text 1”; etc. If You wish to access the expertise of this Forum everything You can do to make our understanding of your layout as easy as possible is a Beautiful Thing - so please label ALL your elements with descriptive names - You are far more likely to get help.

I do not have enough time to go into detail but your problems devolve into two main issues:

1) Elements were covering other elements (why the “Main Menu” did not work). “0” opacity does not mean the element disappears from influence. You need to set the “Display” property to “Hidden”.

2) One element (the “Close” text button) was assigned to run one timeline - but You were expecting it to run two (“Mission” & “Foundation”). There are now two elements running these two timelines (“Close Foundation” & “Close Mission”).

Separately - I’ve re-labeled the “generic” names of your provided project to descriptive names in my example. e.g. “Rectangle 2” is now “Foundation-Mission Cover Bg” as it covers the background of the Foundation~Mission statement with a solid black overlay. Season to your taste.

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Thank you Jim! Very appreciate your guidance and will put it into action!

Ok Jim - I tried to work the logic you suggested and this whole Timeline Hierachy things is Not well documented in Hype and Video Training needs to be done on these types of issue. I see many video giving basics, but what is needed is Real World examples. I cannot get these Timelines to work the way Common Sense would suggest. I am going to give it another day, then go back to Adobe Animator.

Hi Jack!

You might find this book helpful - written by one of the Forum regulars - Michael Garofalo:


I found the book well worth the money and got me up to speed on Hype fairly quickly.

Even though this book is about Hype 3 and v4 is on the way - the basic principles will stay the same, even if they receive enhancements.