Timeline command 'on mouse click...' no longer working, why?

Hi a timeline action I've used many times before is suddenly no longer working!

I am trying to get a pop up to open on click and then close again on click. Doing this by:

On click... start timeline

and then adding another action after that of:

On click... start timeline [check 'reverse']

in the past this command has worked perfectly. But now at this action it opens and when I click again to close it just restarts the timeline why? It seems like I am no longer able to "add on" a second command for "on click". Any idea why?

Thanks so much!

The first question when something stops working as it did would be, "what changed?"

However looking at your screenshot I don't think this would work as you want regardless. The actions within an event are always executed in order and immediately. Therefore what you're doing is starting a timeline and immediately starting that same timeline in reverse. It will not wait for a second click nor would it wait for the timeline to play.

If you want a timeline to play in reverse after it has played through, you'd want to add a timeline action at the end of the timeline which then has it set to Continue Timeline… with the reverse flag set.

Hi thanks for your reply!

This set up has worked in the past which is why I am confused - I am trying to set it it so I can click an element to open a pop up, and click the same element to close.

I actually also tried a set up as you described, with a pause and then a reversed set of actions, with "click to continue timeline", and similarly did not work. Does this additional info help? Thanks!

The way that springs to mind for me now is to setup a pause timeline action just after the animations are done. So when you click to continue the timeline, going forward it will play animations and get to this point. Then you'd set another timeline action just beyond this one that jumps the timeline to the end of the animation and continues it in reverse. So when you click again, it will resume and run this timeline action.

Here's the example document showing my technique:

Toggle.hype.zip (17.0 KB)

There's probably a few different ways to set it up, and I think there are other examples in the forums to look at. I can't recall if there's an easier method :slight_smile:.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: will try this out! Appreciate your help

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