Timeline Best Practices

Should we always Pause a timeline that has achieved it’s positional goals?

For instance, we start a Timeline and it does it’s thing…should we set a pause on completion to prevent continued CPU cycles as the playhead continues on?

Same with Symbols. When we continue a Symbols timeline and achieve the visual goal, should we stop or pause the timeline to prohibit the playhead from moving forward indefinitely?

No need to pause timelines in symbols or regular timelines. Once the movement has occurred, the elements become dormant and no further CPU or GPU activity is required.

And if you have a timeline action a few minutes after any movement, it still is a very very minimal amount of CPU required to keep that timer going.

It is correct that if all timelines are complete then Hype will not issue render callbacks and not use any CPU. However there is one exception: if you have physics bodies, then there will still be callbacks. The physics engine is good at “sleeping” elements to reduce computation if they are not moving, but there will still be some CPU draw.