Timeline animation question

I am wanting the timeline to pause on a specified frame until a mousedown event triggers the playhead to go to another frame in the timeline. When I pause the playhead on frame one and then try and press a button for the playhead to move to the specified frame, it does not move. If I remove the pause it will work but then the playhead is playing the animation and that is what I want to happen when the button is pressed.


Hi David!

A Hype project file would be useful for the most accurate diagnosis.

Clicking the button with a “Go to Time in Timeline…” action should work. You want to make sure of course that You are selecting the correct timeline in the action.

BTW: The timeline does not relate to frames, just time.

A paused timeline will stay paused unless acted upon by an outside force :slight_smile:. You’ll generally want to use a Continue Timeline action. Continue will play from the current playhead position, whereas Start Timeline will always start back from zero.

(Emphasis mine in above quote.)

If I am reading David’s post correctly, he wants to “jump” to another spot in the timeline; if so You would want to use “Go to Time in Timeline…”. Additionally, if You wanted to have the timeline play from that “Go to” point, then use the “Continue Timeline” action after the "Go to Time in Timeline…"action (in the same “Mouse Down” event handler).

@David is this an accurate interpretation?

I am having the hardest time getting the timeline to work. I have used Flash, Edge Animate, Director, After Effects, Motion, etc and am very familiar with keyframing and adding scripts to keyframes. I can not get mine to work. I am uploading the file. This program looks awesome but I have done three animations and not one of them is working. I am on a new mac 5k retina 27" with 32 gigs of ram and 4 gig video card. SO I don’t think it is my computer.Brain Anim copy.hypetemplate.zip (317.3 KB)

On the file I just uploaded you can see I have 5 timelines. I have a pause in the 1st frame of the main timeline because I want the playhead to sit there until I click. The buttons all have actions assigned to them with each going to a different timeline where an opacity image goes from 0 to 100% then pauses.

as i can see you don’t need any of those timelineactions. just assign the behaviour to the buttons to play their timeline and your done … btw. you’ve turned of the eye on the images, so they 'll never be shown.

I think the part that clears it up is you have to have a continue timeline action. I get it now.

nice you got it working :slight_smile:

well, hype is none of those programms, but the UI is very intuitive … if something is unclear: reading the (very good) documentation is always a good starting point.

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