Timeline Actions not being Respected?

I’m triggering some symbols to animate via the JS API using .startTimelineNamed(‘foo’), and it’s working fine to start it.

However I want it to loop foreva, (things be spinning), but it seems that when I trigger it with that function, the timeline action at the end (Start Timeline: foo) is not being respected in this instance?

As usual, what am I missing.

Yeah, it seems like if I programmatically trigger my symbol animations, they don’t respect the timeline actions at all.

Why is this?

Can you post an example of what you have…

It looks like I can’t reproduce your issue, but it would be a great to see your situation.

Here’s what I have: trigger 2.zip (67.4 KB)

The second scene shows some of the odd behaviors going on with Symbols and Timeline triggering that I’m looking into.

Sure, here’s the issue.

  • On hover, I programmatically start the “rotate” timelines of both gear-5 and gear-5-sub.

  • They rotate 360 degrees over 24 and 2 seconds respectively.

In their “rotate” timelines, at the end of the timeline, is a timeline action, that starts the rotate timeline again.

The timelines don’t repeat.

timeline-issue.hype.zip (61.0 KB)

The problem looks like you need to uncheck Relative timeline on the rotate timelines in the symbols. How you have your setup you do not need this.

Also you do not need to use a comparison to check the result of isPlayingTimelineNamed…

It is going to be true or false.


if we want to write if true .

if ( mainGear.isPlayingTimelineNamed('rotate') ) {..

if we want to write if NOT true .

if (! mainGear.isPlayingTimelineNamed('rotate') ) {..

Originally I had it triggering the timeline on mouseover, via the start timeline, but it would RESET the timeline on each hover. Relative stopped that.

Now that I have the check if it’s already playing, I don’t need it. Plus it only ever starts once.

How do relative timelines work? Why is the timeline action not respected in the relative timeline?

Thank you, that cleared it up.


I think.

Your timeline starts and reaches the end.
You then want it to start again. But because RT is on. The time rotation property is now the same as it would be at the end keyframe point. So there is no more rotation to be done.

So the timeline is respected as thats how you have set it to behave.