"This web page reloaded because a problem occurred" iPhone - Long Hype Document

Hello Hype users,

I have what may be an obvious problem. I have a number of hype documents making up both my desktop and mobile website on one page which change dynamically based on size. They are quite long (Mobile is over 8000 pixels) and on an iPhone 95% of the time it reloads/crashes with the error “This web page reloaded because a problem occurred”.

The whole website is 5MB. Is this a common problem with a general solution? I have some javascript going on outside of hype and of course it may be impossible for anyone to determine without access to my files.

Thanks for any advice.

Access to your files~project is always a Good Idea. :ok_hand:

Yeah, thanks Jim.

I have managed to identify the culprit I think. I had a particularly intensive hype animation for my loading indicator that was eating up resources. I made a simple one and it loads every time.

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