The Toronto Star apparently loves Hype!

When I was googling around for some info on embedding one Hype document in another (just to see if it was feasible or not), I came across a page by Toronto Star Touch for advertising pros. They’re offering al ink to Hype as well as an affiliate discount in their ‘creative kit’. Here’s part of what they have to say on the topic:

‘Hype is software that enables you to quickly and easily create animated and interactive content compatible with Toronto Star Touch, without needing any programming knowledge. With Hype, you generate HTML 5 code that will work on all modern Web browsers as well as on touchscreen-based tablets and smartphones. Hype is used by designers to create animated sequences, infographics, ads, educational material, prototypes, animated GIFs, videos, websites and much more. Hype lets anyone create richly interactive content.’

…And here’s the link:

How groovy is that?


They also have a ‘plugin’ that modifies the to show a legal disclaimer button in the banners you create for the ‘Star’.

That is an interesting option that I have not heard of on the forums. You can simply drop the plugin on the icon and the plugin will work on the next launch.

I have not figured out how to get rid of it though, so use caution.

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That is pretty nice. Also the template files.

Heheh yeah I did a bunch of those, we sure do love hype. 95% of our designers use it to make ads. Only 5% of the others are pure javascript. And yeah that plugin is pretty great, it’s inherited from the LaPresse app

Let me know if you want me to show how we’ve done any of the templates :smile:


How did they create the plugin ?

We had the Hype team build it for us

I like the bottom of this page. The not supported software list.


Heh. Who actually needs any of thoe products? :smiley:

Darn. Was hoping I could build them myself

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