The stage in Tumult

(Peter Wilson) #1

I use Hype to make portals for websites, it helps me make slideshows and often to narrate a story. The timeline is superb for that. I am not a programmer, you certainly don’t have to be when using Hype Professional.

It would be great if you could organise the UI in a way that made the stage more of the centre point. Frankly make the stage more prominent, but still give easy access to the tools. If not in Hype 4, then in Hype 5, but that feels like an eternity!

I also miss a tool that allows me to make a line. Now I have to start making a rectangle, make it long and thin. Like crossing the brook to fetch water…

Apart from this, Hype is just superb. The fact that you can export to HTML 5 is so valuable!

Best wishes from Helge in Sweden.

(Kalle) #2

Hi Helge,
there will be tools to make lines and even animate them in Hype 4.


I am not understanding this reference. You can re-organize the palettes~components of the interface and emphasize the stage as much as You wish.

Look under the “Tumult Hype Professional Interface” section…

(Peter Wilson) #4

Hi, Jim Scott!

I will look into that!

Thanks for taking your time!


(Peter Wilson) #5

I have looked into it all now and I must say, I had forgotten all about that!

You have helped me a lot! Thank you! No problems with the stage now although it would be nice to have a ”zoom to fit all” alternative…


(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

Thanks; I’ve added your request as a +1 for zoom to fit :slight_smile:.

(Ken Heins) #7

I would still like tear-offs, but its not a huge issue, 95% of my work is on a 21 inch imac.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #8

Definitely; this is on the tracker as well!