Text wrapping display bug?

Has anyone else experienced an odd bug with text not displaying correctly when you first open a Hype project? Occasionally some of my text layers will wrap onto the next line as if the box isn’t wide to fit the contents, even though it is. For example, the last letter of the word will appear underneath. Even if the text is fine when I save, this can happen when I re-open the file. Oddly, double clicking on the layer seems to “refresh” the text box and fixes it. It doesn’t seem to happen consistently so I can’t pin down what would cause that.

Out of curiosity is it a custom font? Feel free to attach/send the file; I don’t recall hearing of a similar issue.

Unfortunately I can’t get it to happen consistently. I think It’s more of an issue with Webkit. If it happens again I’ll try to get a screenshot and send the project file.