Text Element and Video Controls

Hello! I have a video (inside a rectangle element) and text elements. The text elements are over the video so that they can be seen - they are subtitles/translations. But, now the video controls don’t work in the browser. IE they sort of appear but they can’t be clicked on and they disappear. How can I maintain text be seen and have the video controls be accessible?

See Video Example of How Controls aren’t accessible.


pointer events none for the texts. it’s within the panel …

Thank you! I tried it, but it didn’t work unfortunately.

See Video example!

??? i don’t get you …sry

Video Example

When I move my mouse around over the video, the controls pop up sporadically and then disappear so I can’t click pause, move through the video, mute, or adjust the volume - I can’t click anything on the controls and they don’t stay in view for more than just a split second.

It would be most useful to provide a zip of your .hype document, because it is a little unclear how this is configured/setup and if you are using custom HTML in addition to any hype element properties.

Hi Jonathan, I’ll send a zip in a PM. Thanks! This is a really big issue for me at the moment.