Text doesn't display in IE

To All:

If anyone has any thought as to why the text doesn’t display properly?

Click on any one of the images in the “phone”.

Your comments are appreciated greatly.


What version of IE are you testing in? Are you able to share a screenshot or two?

Can you share your document?

it was IE 11 on a Windows 7 box. It showed in Chrome on the same system.

I can share the source with you.

…thanks Daniel.

It looks like you have a lot of unnecessary formatting in the inner HTML. It looks like the content was formatted in a Word document, and there are likely styles generated in Word that are causing issues in Internet Explorer. Can you do your font selection and font resizing with Hype’s built-in typography tools?

You can get the plain text from the different scenes by selecting the text and pasting it into a plain text editor, then back to Hype. You can use <br> for line breaks. Select text and press ⌘ + b to make it bold, and use the text resize controls to adjust the text size.

Is this in the Smithsonian museum?

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Thank you Daniel. It seems to have addressed the issue. At least I can see the text now. Thank you. There is a formatting issue that I have to try and address.

It’s going to take a while to do all of the text. I figure about 140 pages.

Thank you so much… I have a lot of work to bang out.

This is a micro-site within the Smithsonian Latino Center.