Text and the animations not displaying properly

I must be losing my mind. I have created numerous animations over the years but for some reason, I’m having trouble getting the text to stay in place in a new project. Please see attached file for screenshots.

Can you attach that screenshot?

Looks like you have scaling setup so the text is pinned to the top? If you uncheck the scaling checkbox in the Scene Inspector it should be in the position you expect.

Also, yikes.


Just tried that and getting the same result.


Can you share a document? I’m definitely seeing flexible layout settings on that element, and the only reason I think the text would fly up there (without seeing the doc) is if you had this set in the scene inspector for that layout:

13 PM

Am I OK to upload to here?

Yup, though it may keep us up at night. (If you make a zip file you can drag it into your reply window)

I know the feeling :slight_smile:

I misread your first suggestion. It’s all good though. I had the scaling on. Turned it off and voila!

Thanks for your help. Cheers!

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