Temporarily disable Keyframe events in the Developers Environment

I was wondering if it is possible to disable keyframes in the developers environment without deleting them.


But not a bad idea.

I will file this as a feature request, but it would be good to get a better understanding for what brought about seeking this behavior. Specifically, do you want it to be in the editing environment only, or to also affect exports? Thanks!

I think I discovered a very obvious way to facilitate this in hype.
To come back to your point. I had to plot a route of 1100Km on a map for Cyclists that stopped at towns on their way to a final destination. At the end of every day a Pin is suppose to go live on their stop over. The user is supposed to click on it to see the photos/videos taken on their arrival. The Idea was to alleviate my load by tracing the full rout prior to the actual tour, using the pencil for all the legs. Then only to enable the objects for the leg completed for the day and all associate actions and events. To do this I only had to make relevant objects on the timeline visible and at the end of each day. Then compiled en submitted the update to the site.

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So to restate: you had a full formed Hype document, but you wanted to do a quick manual edit once a day to reveal more and more of something?

I think your solution of hiding/showing each element works well. Alternatively you might have been able to do something like a pause timeline action, and just slide that up for each edit.

Many thanks Jonathan.

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