Tableau + Denodo ODBC connectivity?

Has anyone successfully been able to use Tableau to connect to Denodo via ODBC?

I’m doing a proof of concept with Tableau and I’m trying to connect to a Denodo data source. I’ve been told that there are no issues doing this, however, I’m receiving the standard Tableau warnings of

Tableau identified the following warnings for the ODBC data source named ‘my denodo datasource’:

Along with the standard warning message above, when I try to slice my data by Year, Quarter, Month I get the following when I add configure my date field to display Quarter in my column:

ODBC escape convert error.

I’m testing this out with Tableau 9.1.0 (9100.15.0828.1711) 64-bit. I’ve also tried it on Tableau 9.0.

If you’ve gotten this to work, what versions of each are you using? (I can see that Denodo even has a mini tutorial on using Tableau to connect to Denodo, but the screenshot shows them using months instead of quarters and I can’t tell which version of Tableau they are using).

Thank you.

How is your question related to Hype?