Tabbing thru text-entry fields - new Hype behavior

I used to tab thru Hype's placement fields and hitting a single-tab brought me directly to the next field. Now, it requires hitting a double-tab because the up/down functionality between the fields gets highlighted. I'm guessing this change is part of a Hype update.

Is there a way to disable the double-tab behavior and go back to single-tab? If not, is there a way to use those highlighted up/down arrows from the keyboard? I tried using the keyboard arrow keys with a combination of normal hotkeys, but I can't figure it out.


If you uncheck "Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls" in the System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts area it will basically do what you want. Unfortunately there are still a few bugs in losing focus or not giving the right field the focus with all inspector items that you'll probably still find.

Ohhh, that makes sense. I checked off that pref recently to enable a different behavior. That makes total sense. Thanks @jonathan :pray:

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