Symbol override


whats about a “Symbol Override” like SketchApp has?
Selecting a symbol gives you the option, all text and some graphic style to overide, without changing all other symbols. So, you have 1 symbol, copy it many times and override it content

Why this feature?

I get crazy with the steps i have to do now:

  • I have 8 groups

  • all group includes a fade in and fade out of text and graphics

  • all groups have the same animation, but only different texts

  • all groups have been converted to symbols, so they can start at different times on the main timeline

  • now all texts have to be corrected

  • Much to do, because first double-click to get from symbol to the group

  • then open the group

  • double-click textblock

  • enter new text

until here 4 steps

OK, but now the text is longer than before. Does the size of the text box change automatically? No

  • so I have to adjust the text frames manually!

All these steps I have to do now 48 times, because all text are available in 7 languages (8 groups x 7 languages)

Oh dear

What to do?


working with several languages you should consider a scripted workflow … which means to seperate layout and content. you’ll find a few examples within the forum

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Thank you, I almost thought that.
But I use only Ttmeline based animations and surely no scripting. I don’t code anything :slight_smile:
Nevertheless, it could be easier.

May be I should have created the objects in Sketch and then imported into hype. But then how to create the animations. Something like everything is not easy.

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Something like everything is not easy.

Ha, that made me burst out in laughter. :joy:

Thanks for this request! Our original design for Symbols (and Responsive Layouts for that matter!) had a method where some properties could be synced and/or overridden. We thought it was a little too complex the way we did it, and ran out of time to figure out a better solution, but I still think it is a great feature for the reasons you listed so I’d like to give it another go in a future release.