Swipe gestures (left/right) to work only when in viewport?

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I am looking to use the ‘on swipe left’ and ‘on swipe right’ gestures as part of the web design for the mobile / tablet layouts. I have currently set the on swipe left to continue a timeline and on swipe right to continue the same timeline but in reverse as it is a slideshow of images it it controlling.

The website is a long scrollable page however the image slide show is only a small section of it. There isn’t anywhere else on the page where these gestures will be needed.

I wondered if I could disable the swipe gestures until the image slideshow content is in view. Otherwise swiping left and right is controlling the slideshow whether it is in view or not.

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you should use a swipeaction on an element, not on a whole scene …

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Put the image slideshow in a symbol. Hype symbols also have swipe gestures built in. Just transfer over the animations and voilá.


I didn’t know that option existed.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks @DBear ! Just had a look into this and swapped over the animation. Works great!

Thanks again

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