Swipe doesn't work in Microsoft Edge Browser


I have been previewing a hype export in Microsoft Edge but the swipe left and right to change scene doesn’t work. I am trying on a surface - both touching the screen and swiping with the mouse. I works fine in Chrome though, also works fine in Internet Explorer 11.

Does anyone have a work around or know a trick to make it work with Edge?


Simple tests work for me using VMWare; do you mind attaching a zip of your .hype document (or sending it to support@tumult.com)?

A workaround may be to uncheck Use touch events in the Document Inspector. Even if this works, I’d still be interested in seeing your document. Thanks!

Thanks, I sent the Hype document through to the provided email for review.

Please note that beyond the hype preview, the outcome seems quite flakey.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


(thanks, I did some testing and just replied!)