SVG path animation (Vivus) as oam - Nothing happens - no animation




In Hype 3 Professional - i have a Vivus svg animated path drawing line.
All works perfekt.

But after exporting as .aom nothing happens. No animation.

Does somebody has any idea?


(drewbullen) #2

Does it work when you export it to a regular webpage?

If so, then use “inspect element” or something similar to check that all the dependencies are in the correct place or have the correct references in the target you are exporting to.


Thank you for your answer.
Yes, it works fine in a regular webpage.

I import the .aom to Adobe InDesign, export as FXL epub. Nothing happens.
Also in the preview epub Window, nothing happens.

“Inspect element” is a stand alone software to check it?


(drewbullen) #4

Inspect element is a browser developer tool - basically I believe you need to check the references/paths in your exported widget to ensure they are correct. I’m not sure how you would do that in InDesign but these instructions might point you in the right direction: Howto: Embedding an OAM widget within Adobe Muse


Important note: Adobe InDesign CC 2015 does not support SVG format :frowning:
Hype line drawn animation is not possible when export as epub.
I believe this is the solution. The plug-in for Adobe “SVG Kit” is available for InDesign CS6.