Strange behavior when zooming on browser


We have created this page on hype: and when we zoom in/out it on browser it is not working as in other web pages. Is there any way to solve this?


Your document uses flexible layout set to use zoom contents. Therefore, when zooming in, the size changes, and then flexible layout adapts to fit to that new size, effectively cancelling out any changes.

If you want to zoom like normal pages, you will not want to use zoom contents (and probably not flexible layout).

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Thanks for your answer.

Zoom is not totally disabled and it makes strange effects. Is it possible to avoid browser zoom?


Unfortunately I don't think there's a way to avoid it using desktop browsers.

(On mobile browsers you can stop the pinch to zoom gesture, but the way it zooms is a bit different anyhow and probably doesn't result in this issue)

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When we try to pinch to zoom on mobile we get an error (try zoom in and then zoom out). Also it happens when scrolling down and up fast.

(I posted it because it is a zoom issue with the same page, if you think I should create a new ticket, just let me know)


We have tested it on iPhone (Safari and Chrome)

Looks like a problem with the vimeo video, probably because it is ~1600px wide and then scaled down to 20% inside the top-level group. If you remove it/put it outside the group the page will not crash.

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Great, it worked!!

Thanks again

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