Stoping a video when changing scene

Hi folks

I’m working on a huge musical project and have a few issues.

My first one: I use a Youtube video widget to show a clip per scene. The problem is if a video is playing and I switch to another scene, the video do not stop playing. I wouldhave liked to see a command like ‘Close sound’ for audio but there is none. I saw that in Tumult Hype Forums, this problem is addressed BUT I am not a Javascript guru. Even is a solution is proposed, I cannot figure out how to handle it.

You can check this issue at the following address which, is presently in French.

This play on different scenes of a same project and the one shown here is Gardinet for the English Maestro John Eliot Gardiner.

You can check the full huge project at

Hype is used at different part of the project.

Thanks for your help!

JR Thibault

After trying and trying, I successfully adressed that issue and this is now working perfectly.

The problem was that I am not realy familiar with handling Javascript within Hype scenes. But in the forum I found this valuable information.

The answer to my issue was there :slight_smile:

You can now check by yourself.


JR Thibault