Stop Animation reloading on page load

I’ve created an animation created in HYPE3. The animation loads and plays fine but then it reloads again after a few seconds - how can I stop this from happening?

It looks as though the browser (im looking at this in chrome) is only catching up with the animation after about 2/3 seconds and loads it from the start again.

I used the JS from this page to allow the animation to continue after scroll >

Any ideas on how to stop the animation loading the second time?

Here’s a link >

Please post the Hype project so we can see what you have done.


Sure here’s the hype file se_animation_(hype-forum) (503.0 KB)

It looks like the problem only occurs after I have exported it from the program.


I could not reproduce the issue as per your URL demo in the original post.

Exported HTML from Hype; opened with Safari, Chrome, & Firefox. This trial was just on my desktop - not a server.

Likewise I couldn’t reproduce from the .hype document (even when exporting and running from a server), though it does look like there was an issue when scrolling that would cause it to be loaded multiple times from your posted URL. Were there any changes that were made between the two?

I also notice you have a continue action on key down that can restart the timeline; my recommendation might be to disable this as well since it is possible this event is triggered very easily like when reloading (though I doubt this is the specific issue)